• Tadashi


    Exquisite 6’1 Japanese Grand in beautiful polished walnut. This piano with a matching bench is reconditioned and ready for its new home! Originally priced over $30,000, can be yours for only $14,250!

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  • Yamaha G3

    Yamaha G3

    This 6’1” Yamaha G3 from 1971 perfectly embodies true Yamaha Quality.

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  • Kohler and Campbell

    Kohler and Campbell

    1975 5′ Kohler and Campbell Grand with intricate details in the legs and music desk.

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  • Chickering


    1930s Era 5’3” Grand with Mahogany Finished Cabinet and Bench Included!

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  • Boston Grand (SOLD)

    Boston Grand (SOLD)

    2004 5’10” Boston Grand Piano in High Polish Black Finish. Designed by Steinway and Sons.

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  • Baldwin Model M

    Baldwin Model M

    1903 Baldwin Model M with Beautiful Older Cabinet and Ivory Keys. Serial Number: 118781

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  • Hardman (SOLD)

    Hardman (SOLD)

    Year 1938 Length: 5′ Finish: Mahogany Satin Serial #95693 Manufactured in USA

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  • Young Chang G150 (SOLD)

    Young Chang G150 (SOLD)

    Year: 1988 Length: 5′ Finish: Walnut Satin Serial #G039829 Manufactured in South Korea

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  • Kawai KG-3

    Kawai KG-3

    Year: 1970 Length: 6′ Finish: Walnut Satin Serial #457503 Manufactured in Japan

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  • Petrof (SOLD)

    Petrof (SOLD)

    Year: 2003 Length: 5’3” Finish: High polish Mahagony Serial #599775 Manufactured in Czech Republic

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  • Hyundai G-84

    Hyundai G-84

    Year: 1993 Length: 6’1″ Finish: High-Polish Black Serial #IMKG0085 Manufactured in S. Korea

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  • Falcone FG-72D

    Falcone FG-72D

    Length: 5’7″ Finish: High-Polish Black Serial #KL8225 With an upgraded Player System

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  • Geyer GG-160

    Geyer GG-160

    Length: 5’1″ Finish: High-Polish Black Serial #81891203 German engineering

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  • Geyer GG-150

    Geyer GG-150

    Length: 4’11″ Finish: High-Polish Black Serial #81891229 Designed in Germany

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  • Schimmel SP

    Schimmel SP

    Exotic Schimmel Grand finished in high-polish bubinga. Exceptional handcrafted quality from Braunschweig, Germany.

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  • Cristofori CRG-54

    Cristofori CRG-54

    Length: 5’5″ Finish: High-Polish Mahogany Serial Number: 101136 Includes: Matching bench One free in-home tuning Limited Warranty Player system w/ tablet

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